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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Topgun lures started making skirted lures for game fishing over 40 years ago. Although casting techniques have changed and lure heads have seen some improvements, to this day they are still individually hand poured and polished in Australia with the same care as from the beginning. These quality lures are sold and trolled around the world, even sold for many years in the home of skirted lures, Hawaii, a true testament to the quality and fish catching ability Topgun lures.

Many designs and styles over the years has lead to a fine tuned assortment of skirted lure heads. Every Topgun lure is made with the best materials and to the highest quality standards.

As each lure is handmade, so building a lure to meet each customers specifications is easy. Lures in the Topgun range can be made form the traditional hard resin but we do offer many design in made form a durable soft resin material, virtually indestructible, the soft headed lures and make an ideal lures and teaser for the shy fish when they give them a whack! Another benefit of our lures is the range of tint colours, Clear, Ice blue, Magenta, Fluro Yellow, Fluro Green, Violet, Red and many more colours available on request. Contact us to discuss your needs

Proven designs, Topgun lures has accounted for many outstanding captures around the world and are still considered by many some of the best lures available when it comes to tackling giants of the deep.

A notable capture on a Topgun Awesome, is a 997lb (452.2kg) Blue Marlin captured at Batemans Bay, Australia. This the current 80lb and Australian women's record caught by Melanie Kisbee whilst on Radiant skippered by Paul Gibson 14/03/1999.  This capture still holds current Australian and NSW state records and was the GFAA All Tackle Record for nearly 20 years. This still remains the largest Blue Marlin captured on a lure in Australian waters and the largest ever landed in Australia for its time. Rumor has it that this fish took over 16 hours to get officially weighed (would love someone to confirm this), had it been done sooner no doubt this would have been the first "Grander Blue". The Awesome is another big fish lure in the Topgun line-up. It can be trolled either from the outrigger or flat and is suitable for most sea conditions. It produces a long dense smoke trail and has a predictable swimming action, no matter where it is placed in the lure pattern. Awesome has been specifically designed to target Marlin species, but has been found attractive to other large predators which obviously haven't read the design rule.

The nightmare range of lures remains one of the premier lures of the Topgun line-up.  A Must for everyone's lure collection.  A proven design in 5 different sizes. All lead weighted (loaded) and because of the careful selection of weight and its positioning, this lure is one of the easiest of slice-fronted lures to run in all positions, but don't be scared to pull it up short! Aggressive head shakes and smokey bubble trial unlike any other.

Because of this lure's design, the positioning on pressure waves behind the boat is less critical than most other slice-fronted lures and runs well in all weather conditions. Outstanding Marlin and a number of other species of fish have been captured on the Nightmare lure throughout the world.  One boat in the Canary Islands, in a two week period captured Blue Marlin of 671lb, 704lb, 726lb, and 836lb.  Other captures include a 664lb Blue Marlin, caught at Port Stephens on a 9-1/2 inch Nightmare.  The biggest fish caught on a Magnum Nightmare is a 1089lb Blue Marlin.

The Nightmare has hooked and captured a number of large Marlin and as many again have been lost due to their size.  A 1,265lb Blue Marlin was hooked and landed in Mauritius on a large Nightmare on a boat owned by Octave Lagesse, the Albatross on 27th April 1989. This is believed to be one of the largest certified Blue Marlin captures on a lure and remains the largest we know of landed in Mauritius. The boat Albatross has a number of other captures to its credit on Topgun Nightmare lures

The Nightmare and Awesome lures are great fish catchers but one of the most successful marlin lures to swim in Australia waters is the Aussie Apollo Evil. The Evil skirt colour behind a 12" sliced face lure head has accounted for many marlin over the years. We have also had reports of Yellowfin Tuna up to 100kg falling victim to this lure. We will go into the design and details of the Aussie Appollo and other lures like the Maggot, 501, Goadby Witch, Plungers, Barrels and more of our lures in future articles

Still proudly hand made in Australia for over 40 years

If you are interested in purchasing any Topgun lures, check out our store for available stock.

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