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12" Topgun Aussie Apollo
  • 12" Topgun Aussie Apollo


    Quality Australian hand made lure by Topgun Lures

    Available in various skirt colours 


    One of Australia's most successful 12" marlin lures for blue, black and striped marlin butalso responsible for a number of significant captures for countless yellowfin tuna. 

    This lure features a unique oval shape which enhances the bubble trail whilst ensuring the lure keeps tracking well. ALl postions and all weather this lure outperforms 

    An excellent heavy tackle lure for large tuna and and large billfish. A tournament winning specialist



    Skirted Lure length 330mm (13")

    Head diameter 38mm

    Skirt size 12-1/2"


    Contact us for custom skirting and rigging options


    Wholesale and stockist enquiries welcom