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Raw Fishing Lures and Tackle

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Are you ready for some of the finest hand crafted game fishing lures?

With a combined game fishing knowledge of over 100 years, the team behind Raw Fishing have a simple vision, to be one of the world’s premier manufacturer of big game fishing lures. Designed and hand made in Australia using only the finest components available, discover the innovative and extensive range that Raw Fishing Australia provides, the current models from under 6.5” long up to the mighty 16” Plungers and still more being developed

At Raw Fishing we do much more than design and produce fishing lures, we bring to life a vision of the finest fishing lures and fishing tackle for big game possible to help you get that fish of a lifetime. No compromise. Blue, black and striped marlin, sailfish, yellowfin, bluefin, wahoo, mackerel, mahi and many more species, you can be assured the there is a lure to suit your needs.

Many of the lures design allows them to be run in any position in the spread and all weather conditions, making the choice easy for those beginning their game fishing journey, to the seasoned old salt and everyone in between. Raw fishing also offer many custom skirting and rigging options for all lures and have a range of tackle to suit, teasers, leader, hooks, deep dropping rigs, swordfish and even shark rigs can be custom made to suit your needs. Contact us today and we can tailor rigs to suit your needs.

There is nothing more exciting than tangling with beasts from the deep blue. That’s the moment we live for, raw adrenalin, raw emotion…make your heart stop

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