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12" Medusa Soft head Glow Insert
  • 12" Medusa Soft head Glow Insert

    The Medusa is a must have in any marlin spread.

    The first time this lure was run, a striped marlin smashed it within 1 hour of hitting the water. A soft head, cupped face lure made from the highest grade material is virtually indestuctible and found to be irrestable to blue, black and striped marlin, but giant tuna will take this in a mouthful.

    Red holgraphic eye against a luminous insert has proven succesful on long rigger and long corner positions but this lure runs well in all postions. 


    Soft head lures makes a great teaser but rigged with a pair of 11/0-12/0 hooks will have that drag screaming in no time. The 12' Medusa is ideal on 15kg line classes an above