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Koga (HAYS) Quickrig SS hooks
  • Koga (HAYS) Quickrig SS hooks

    Japanese hand forged extra strong stainless steel game fishing hook.


    Designed by Madeira blue marlin pioneer - Captain Roddy Hays. Marketed by the USA's Quickrig. One of the best stainless hooks on the market for medium to heavy tackle game fishing.


    The shape of this Stainless Steel hook, retains the advantages of an open gap for “grasping” and an inward conical point allowing quicker and deeper penetration. The ratio of shank to point is perfect for trolling This shape suits both lure draggers and bait chunkers.

    As requested hook points are EVEN SHARPER!


    SizeHook ColorDimensions
    7/0Stainless Steel15/16″2 3/8″
    8/0Stainless Steel1″2 5/8″
    9/0Stainless Steel1 1/4″2 7/8″
    10/0Stainless Steel1 1/2″3 3/8″
    11/0Stainless Steel1 3/4″3 3/4″
    12/0Stainless Steel1 15/16″4″
    14/0Stainless Steel2 5/8″5 1/8″